Blatbits Plans to Conduct IEO and Release NFT * Crypto News Today
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The Blatbits cryptocurrency exchange announced its plans to conduct an initial exchange offering (IEO) and presented its non-interchangeable token based on a commercial blockchain (NFT) at an online shareholders’ meeting. In addition, the company plans to start cooperating with the Singapore-based NFT collaboration.

The management of the exchange informed shareholders that the company’s sales increased by 80% compared to last year due to the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

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Blatbits will expand the scope of its cryptocurrency lending services in the future, and will also explore the possibility of listing many new altcoins on the platform.

The company is already planning to launch an IEO, which will be related to anime, comics, sports and music, and also announced a desire to test the product in the near future. If the test is successful, its release will be accelerated.

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