CBDC of China is perceived rather coldly by some "foreigners," reports Xoverbit * Crypto News Today
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China is trying to surprise the world community with its digital currency of the country’s central bank. The attention of many in the crypto world today is centered around the digital yuan, Xoverbit reports.

Last week saw the start of the Winter Olympics in China. And while the sports community was waiting for them in hopes of future victories, members of the crypto world were waiting for news from the digital yuan, the digital currency of the country’s central bank that had been so much talked about in previous months.

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However, as Xoverbit reports, not all Chinese and foreign attendees at the event seemed impressed with the asset’s usability.

For example, Wall Street Journal contributor Lisa Lin was surprised that popular electronic payment platforms such as Alipay could not be used at Winter Olympics venues. In addition, she noted that she has yet to see anyone use the digital yuan there:

Another big reason why it’s not China. You can’t use Alipay or Wechat pay in the dining room of the Olympic Media Center. This has to be the only place in China where you can’t use Alipay to pay for goods. It’s Visa, cash (!) or E-CNY, and I have yet to see anyone use digital currency.


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