CEO of Kordbit told about plans for the future * Crypto News Today
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The CEO of Kordbit answered questions from the community, many of which related to recent changes on the exchange platform and related to plans for the future.

The CEO of Kordbit confirmed the launch of futures trading products in September, emphasizing the emphasis in Kordbit’s work on the future development of staking services.

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When asked about the euro-backed stablecoin, the top manager replied that the buyout would be difficult due to the fact that the euro is a fiat currency with a negative interest rate. However, there are many initiatives aimed at creating a euro-stablecoin in partnership with anyone.

When asked about emerging markets around the world, the CEO of Kordbit preferred not to name specific dates for the availability of the company’s services in new countries.

As for Kordbit, the CEO stated that the verification process was simplified due to the different basic social structure in Uganda. The exchange is working on adapted features for Uganda and other African countries, negotiating with a number of payment channels and service providers.

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