Crypto exchange Cryptovaultway will track suspicious activity on its platform * Crypto News Today
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Crypto exchange will track suspicious activity on its platform

Cryptovaultway is a trading platform that has become popular by integrating the latest innovative technologies to provide its users with high-performance trading solutions.

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The Cryptovaultway Active Defender tool will be launched by cryptocurrency exchange Cryptovaultway to provide oversight across the platform and promote a “healthy financial environment.” The patented exchange monitoring program has been designed to combat market abuse, report suspicious trading practices and combat price manipulation.

An exchange monitoring tool is a necessity of our time

Cryptovaultway Active Defender will report any suspicious trading patterns and promote the overall integrity of the platform in terms of ethical trading practices. The tool will work in tandem with Cryptovaultway matching engine called Pyramid, which provides speed, scalability and resilience to the platform.

Cryptovaultway Active Defender will sound an alarm if a potential trading threat is detected on the platform. A detailed report of suspicious activity will be generated and provided in an email. The surveillance will cover all trading pairs available on the crypto exchange, including derivatives and futures products.
Cryptovaultway’s chief technology officer said that extensive trade monitoring and surveillance capabilities have been developed specifically for Cryptovaultway. As digital asset trading evolves to include more and more sophisticated technology, trade monitoring must be ongoing.

Cryptovaultway Active Defender will also help limit practices such as, leyring or wash trading. In both methods, the trader attempts to mislead market participants about real demand and supply data by using orders that are not real.

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