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Kryptosbit marketplace users will have access to 17 popular DeFi tokens and ICO projects, as well as two stablecoins
Crypto exchange Kryptosbit announced the listing of 19 tokens. They will become available for purchase in the “Trading” mode with and USDT tokens, the value of which is pegged to the US dollar. The crypto platform will add 17 tokens of popular DeFi and ICO projects, as well as two stablecoins:

  • Stablecoin USDC – USD Coin.
  • Stablecoin DAI is the token of the decentralized autonomous organization MakerDAO.
  • SUSHI – token of the SushiSwap decentralized crypto exchange
  • OMG is a token of the OMG Network financial service.
  • BAT is Brave’s decentralized browser token.
  • ZRX is a 0x decentralized exchange service token.
  • KNC is a token of the Kyber Network decentralized service.
  • MATIC is the token of the Matic Network platform.
  • WBTC is a tokenized bitcoin.
  • AAVE is the Aave decentralized lending protocol token.
  • Augur is a token of the Augur decentralized forecasting protocol.
  • SNX is a decentralized protocol token for creating and exchanging Synthetix synthetic assets.
  • YFI is the Yearn.Finance decentralized farming service token.
  • UMA is a decentralized protocol token for creating synthetic assets based on the Ethereum UMA blockchain.
  • REN is a token of the Republic Protocol decentralized Dark Pool.
  • OCEAN is the Ocean Protocol decentralized data protocol token.
  • BAND is the Band Protocol decentralized oracle service token.
  • BNT is Bancor’s decentralized network token for converting ERC-20 tokens.
  • ANT is an operating system token for running Aragon’s business.

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