Cryptocurrency exchange Bitlodex.Com joined #CryptoCOVID19 charity campaign. * Crypto News Today
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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitlodex joined the #CryptoCOVID19 charity campaign and donated 1,000,000 USDT. Representatives of the project told InvestBit magazine about it.

The #CryptoCOVID19 campaign was launched by crowdfunding project Gitcoin and cryptocurrency donation service Giving Block. The initiative was supported by the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, the publication The Block, the blockchain browser Brave.

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Bitlodex.Com invites users to participate in #CryptoCOVID19. To do so, users need to make a prediction about the peak incidence of the coronavirus.

“We have a clear understanding and confidence that #CryptoCOVID19 will attract the attention of the trading community and help charities fight the spread of the pandemic,” Bitlodex representatives said.

  • COVID-DWN-JUL2022. Token holders can win at any time before July 1. This will happen if the number of sick people decreases compared to last week;
  • COVID-UP-JUL2022. Token holders will win on July 1 if the number of illnesses continues to rise.
  • Participants’ funds are stored on a smart contract. It receives information about the number of people who get sick from the Johns Hopkins University vault through an oracle.

The contract will automatically pay out the winnings on or before July 1 if the disease rate drops. Winners will receive $1 neutrino dollar (USDN) for each token. They can take their winnings or give them to charity.

The tokens are traded on the exchange until the end of the promotion. Proceeds from the trading will go to fight the coronavirus.

InvestBit previously reported that the cryptocurrency exchange launched a decentralized stabelcoin USDN.

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