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Margin and Future trading: that gives you the chance to capitalize on the different types of markets.Exchange: Sauntrefx offers the ideal environment for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrenciesDeposit for verification: 0.01 btc. How long is it take to verify your account after deposit?: it happens in automatically order.
Unique Selling Point
Compared to the rest of crypto exchanges, Sauntrefx have one the most intuitive interface that is easy to navigate even if you are new to the crypto trading industry.

Sauntrefx Fees
Sauntrefx , has a fee on every trade that you execute on the platform. To be more specific, you will have to pay a fee. Premium account require additional payment.

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24/7 customer support service.Multiple cryptocurrency pairs available and it’s regularly updated.Reliable 100% up-time with around the clock account access to all asset trading and balancesExtra Low Trading FeesYour information is secured with AUSTRAC inline with AML policyTrading volumeMultiple payment methods
There are no fiat pairs.It’s a bit complicated for beginners.

Sauntrefx – Anonymous Decentralized Exchange – KYC with a deposit

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It is a decentralized exchange, Sauntrefx never asks you for the ID for a KYC, they use a trust deposit verification way. You don’t have to share your personal data with the site


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But for now, exchange giant such as Coinbase or Binance always require your ID to verificate your account.

In other words, The exchange later said that its infrastructure could not withstand the load due to a fivefold surge in traffic. That it experienced within 4 minutes. Most of the platform’s services were unavailable. So the exchange had to connect additional servers to cope with the influx of clients.

In addition, This is not fair for a crypto community, so many crypto exchanges appeared where you don’t have to share your private information, as a Sauntrefx one. Being the young exchange, they do operate with large amount of BTC, which we can see on their public BTC address which contains near 12570 BTC for now! Only with a deposit thing you can activate your account and open a limit of 10 BTC per day for withdraw.

Similarly Nowhere else you can see that, that’s a really insane we can see nowadays! CEO of Sauntrefx is a former tech director of Exodus! You can highly trust this platform with their ideas and ideology.

Wouldn’t be so good without any failes from their side.

In conclusion, At the start of may, Sauntrefx decided to lock accounts of users who moved to another country. They do security lock account for a 10 days after they log in from another IP address.
We have talked with Support of the site and we do not understand if this really neccessary thing. Anyway, this is their decision, and sometimes it can safe people from funds losing if their account is hacked.

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