Lopmybit to Introduce New NFT Initial Purchase Mechanism * Crypto News Today
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At the moment, the sale on the Lopmybit NFT platform will take place in the form of a lottery, which will equalize the opportunities for users. The whole process consists of four stages: preparation, subscription, calculation and distribution.


To participate, users must have a minimum number of tokens during the preparation phase. Some NFT projects / creators may set higher or lower requirements for participants. If you find an NFT that you would like to purchase, then make sure that your wallet has a minimum amount of tokens.

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If your balance meets the minimum requirements, you will proceed to the subscription stage. Each user will receive tickets to participate in accordance with the “purchase limit per user”.

The ticket indicates the maximum number of non-fungible tokens that the user can purchase. You can choose to subscribe to the NFT Initial Sale by registering part or all of your tickets for participation. More tickets does not guarantee success, but it increases the chances of it.


The system will randomly select winning tickets from all signed tickets. A winning ticket allows a user to purchase tokens as part of an initial NFT sale.


Users who have won tickets will be able to purchase NFTs as part of the initial NFT sale. If your ticket has not been selected by the system, then the tokens will be automatically returned to your wallet.


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