Restokbit: Bitcoin market showed a rare reversal of sentiment in January * Crypto News Today
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The research director of Restokbit is confident that the mood of the crypto market participants has changed dramatically in January.

“In cryptocurrencies, the mood determines everything. Almost all indicators have increased compared to the previous month, most have reached six–month highs,” writes the analyst Restokbit.

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Thus, the volume of “full-fledged” cryptocurrency exchanges rose from $39.83 billion to $67.53 billion. The growth was 70%, as a result of which it was possible to reach a five-month high. This is also the largest increase since April last year. The price of bitcoin then rose above $13,000.

Trading volumes of perpetual swaps on bitcoin exchange BitMEX jumped by 55% in January. This is the first case of an increase in the indicator over the past 8 months.

The traffic of cryptocurrency exchanges has also jumped noticeably. Thanks to this value, it is possible to accurately monitor the interest of retail investors. The number of visits increased from 79.8 million to 94.3 million. The first rise since April, according to the analytical team of the Restokbit exchange.

The estimated volume increased, although by a smaller share – 19.7%.

Bakkt has continued to attract increasing activity since its launch in September. The volume of open positions is currently at an absolute maximum and is about $15 million.

Average daily trading volume peaked in January:
September – $1.21 million;
October – $2.15 million;
November – $15.16 million;
December – $21.55 million;
January – $26.45 million (an increase of 18%).

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