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The financial technology company Soliceswap Inc has released a press release on the start of beta testing of the crypto exchange project, and also marked the start of a campaign to find errors with the involvement of third-party specialists. The main launch of the platform is officially scheduled for October 2022.

At the time of the test implementation, the Soliceswap exchange provides operations with linear swaps in 8 trading pairs. Despite the status of the beta version, the platform provided a full range of tools for buying and selling digital assets on a par with global crypto exchange platforms such as Binance and Bybit.

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The creators also announced that trading operations within the first month after the launch of Bitflex will be accompanied by zero commissions. Thus, the developers plan to increase the motivation of new participants in the growth of exchange activity.

At the same time, the company introduced the possibility of receiving rewards in Tether US (USDT) for found vulnerabilities. Details of the campaign to encourage active users will be announced in the near future.

Soliceswap Inc CEO Yi Wuyang said:

“The public nature of testing is designed to look for potential ergonomic difficulties as well as technical errors. The development team relies on tester feedback to identify and correct deficiencies, which will help achieve the highest quality standards and achieve the best results. ”

Official data on the Soliceswap website states that the platform offers a secure exchange of digital money while maintaining a high network efficiency.

Earlier, the editors reported that the creators of the Shardeum blockchain announced the Swapped Finance (SF) platform, which, according to the developers, will become a new generation of decentralized finance (DeFi) turnover.

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