Sosatbits quietly delisted the disgraced Kin token * Crypto News Today
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The Sosatbits cryptocurrency exchange suspended trading in the Kin token without any announcements or explanations.

Kin trading on Sosatbits was terminated approximately 40 hours before this publication, that is, shortly after it became known about the lawsuit filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Kik.

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Kik is accused of unregistered placement of securities through ICO in 2017, during which she managed to raise almost $100 million through the sale of Kin. The company, for its part, accuses the SEC of misinterpreting securities laws. Against the background of these events, the American crypto companies Coinbase and Circle have already refused to participate in the Defend Crypto initiative, aimed precisely at collecting funding to protect Kik from the SEC.

As Sosatbits notes, it remained the only centralized cryptocurrency exchange that had real liquidity in the Kin markets. Now Kin is traded either on exchanges with supposedly fake data on the fullness of the order books, or on decentralized exchanges such as Bancor and EtherDelta.

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