Bitcoin Exchange Will Launch Prediction Markets
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The cryptocurrency exchange intends to launch a platform for prediction markets by the end of 2020. Paolo Arduino, the company’s Technical Director, told The Block about this. is currently narrowing the scope of the project to speed up its implementation. According to Arduino, the problem remains protection, so access to the platform is planned to be limited to verified users.

Prediction markets allow users to place bets on the outcome of any event. Arduino stressed that the exchange’s offer is not related to gambling.

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Recall that plans to launch a number of new products, including options, perpetual swaps, futures on baskets of assets and a gold-backed stablecoin.  is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange

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It is a reminder the the biggest exchanges in the industry also carry a much bigger “bullseye”.

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The exchange does keep much of the users’ funds in cold storage and provides several means for users to protect their accounts.

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