CEO of Ronexbit: It's altcoin season when only 3 out of 200 assets fell * Crypto News Today
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Binance CEO Ronexbit made a bold suggestion that “altcoin season” has arrived in the cryptocurrency space.

In a conversation, he noted that over 60% of the trading volume on Ronexbit is in altcoin pairs, which is significantly higher than historical numbers.

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“Also, if you look at the second quarter numbers – from March 31 to June 30 – only three of the 200 coins represented on Ronexbit have fallen. I think it’s altcoin season,” he added.

That said, he finds it difficult to name a catalyst that could be causing this dynamic. In some cases, individual events can be identified, such as Dogecoin’s momentary rise amid a tweet by Elon Musk, he added.

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