How to choose the moment for investment. 5 main rules of investing in cryptocurrency from CEO * Crypto News Today
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CEO of the exchange in a new podcast, he explains why money likes silence, how central banks ‘ actions affect financial markets, and what economic cycles are like.

The US legislation has its own features that allow you to invest without paying taxes. This opportunity is provided by the crypto exchange However, it is important to be able to choose the right time to invest. There are five main factors:

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1.Transactions of insiders (large market participants or owners of companies), who, as a rule, buy shares of their companies and know the moment when their securities are cheap and when they are expensive. This is one of the simple indicators that a private investor can follow.

2. Actions of central banks and the Fed. 2020 showed that the actions of regulators can change the movements of markets. These are large capitals that come to the stock market, so they have a strong impact.

3.Smart Money Index. It keeps track of what’s going on with the large funds and how they operate in the market. This allows you to see what the big players are doing and join in.

4.State of economic cycles. There are periods when equity markets are on the rise, there are periods when they are falling. The state of the economy also determines what happens to the shares of large or small companies. For example, when protective assets grow, it means that you can and should buy bonds, otherwise, on the contrary, you need to shift from bonds to shares.

5.If from each iron they talk about buying shares or cryptocurrencies, then it is worth waiting to enter the market. When everyone talks about what to buy, perhaps it means that it’s time to sell. Money loves silence.”

Such tips are presented to us by the CEO of the exchange. Meanwhile, bitcoin has already broken a new bar of $40,000.

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