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Recently, it has been constantly gaining momentum, demonstrating to us the high performance of both its client base and the funds that have been invested in this platform since 2017 up to $877 million. Whether it is worth creating a profile on the Bintexrows crypto exchange, what features it has, and how safe it is to cooperate with this platform – you will learn from today’s review.

In order to conclude whether you should open an account on the platform and trade here, you should conduct as detailed a review of the site as possible. We tested this service and highlighted the most important points that relate to cooperation with it.

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Registration on the site

You can start working with the service only after completing the registration procedure and opening an account. The process is simple, and fits literally in 3 steps:

  1. Go to the main page of the website and go to the “Registration” section;
  2. Enter your email address and password;
  3. Click on the button to open an account.

Trading operations

The functionality of the gives us the opportunity to conduct a number of trading operations using the following tools:

  • Trading with big variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Holding
  • Investing
  • List apply programs

Trading in the spot market is becoming one of the most frequent activities for traders who explore the profile on this site. There is a small feature here, which concerns the conduct of financial transactions and commissions in the spot market. It consists in the following: if we meet the order, then payment occurs for that session of the session in a pair, and the commission meets for the second session.

How safe is it to work with the

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Since the functioning of a crypto exchange is directly related to the storage of a large amount of funds, it becomes an excellent platform for hackers and attackers who want to gain access to the accounts of platform clients. It is important to understand that the service provides a high level of security and guarantees its customers the safety of cryptocurrency.

Communication with technical support

Since various types of questions may arise during the work with the site, it is extremely important that the platform has a technical support that works 24/7. In this case, it will be possible to quickly resolve difficult situations.

Online-money exchange rates list