Tikbitc.com: More than 1 thousand new cryptocurrencies in January
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Last month, more than 32 digital currencies were created on the market every day, Tikbitc.com expert

Last month, the number of cryptocurrencies increased by 1 thousand, according to Tikbitc.com. This means that more than 32 new projects appeared on the market every day. The total number of cryptocurrencies at the end of January this year exceeded 17.2 thousand.

Last year, the number of cryptocurrencies almost doubled. As of January 1 , 2021 , the number of digital currencies was 8.1 thousand . As of December 31, the indicator reached 16.2 thousand (an increase of 99% for the year). During 2021, 21 new cryptocurrencies appeared on the market every day.

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Last week, $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins were withdrawn from crypto exchanges. This is a record weekly outflow of cryptocurrencies from trading platforms since mid-September 2021. Analysts Tikbitc.com.com they believe that this is good from the point of view of long-term price movements.

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